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Informally  about myself:


I was born in 1975 in Russia (former USSR) and studied classical piano from the age of seven.


The one and only musician in many generations of our family was my grand-grand father Zinovij Gluhovskoy (he passed away when I was a baby), but what a musician! He organized one of the

first jazz bands in Southern Russia before the war, played few instruments, accompanied silent movies, conducted music for films. As a human - hated Soviet regime and was brave enough

(or/and completely crazy) to tell what he thinks openly (only God knows how he managed to stay alive).  After the war he ended up as piano tuner (jazz became then "the art of fat imperialists" in Soviet Union), probably started to develop sentiments for his Jewish roots and even occasionally visited synagogue.


In the end of 80s I heard Ella Fitzgerald on radio and the gen of my grand-grand father probably had woken up in me - I fell in love with jazz. I was happy to leave boring obligatory choir of my music school singing soviet songs and move to a new-built pop group where I played primitive made-in-USSR keyboard, composed romantic songs and gradually realized that classical music was no longer expressing my creative searches.


My life and life of whole my family has dramatically changed when we immigrated to Israel in 1991.

Along with many important choices that we had to make, I have made my own professional choice and at last switched to Jazz. My five years in Jerusalem Academy of Music were rich in interesting discoveries and experiences. However my main discovery and influence at that time was my teacher Slava Ganelin - unique musician, composer, improviser, one-man-orchestra. I can certainly say that meeting this person was one of the significant milestones of my life.


There were many important things I have absorbed from our lessons with Slava which influence my musical thinking until today: music is coming first of all from emotional source, it must move something inside your soul (not your brain), hypnotize you; compositional approach; energetic "language" of the music regardless styles and genres. I learned to keep my ears open and appreciate freshness in music.

This freshness I could hear not only in modern music that I liked - Arcado String trio, Tim Berne, John Zorn, but  in some "old school" jazz musicians, for example Oscar Peterson and Miles Davis who in my opinion had such a brilliant, pure sense of melody, taste and style that turned them to "forever-fresh".


Along with jazz piano I studied jazz composition and film /theater music (also with Ganelin).

After the graduation in 1998 I had a chance to write music to a number films and theater performances and I must say I really loved this type of work !


In 2002 the strange roads of fortune brought me to Scandinavia, the fairy tales' land for me as a child, home of Grand Father Frost (kind of Russian Santa,  a God of my childhood).

During almost four years I was a student at the Academy of Music in Stockholm studying another angles of pianism with fantastic person and musician Ove Lundin,  listening to the silence with an experimenter Sten Sandell, discovering a new world of sounds while taking courses in electro acoustic music and learning exciting techniques ( shaped by Hollywood film industry) of writing film scores.


During my second year in Sweden I found myself playing on one of the most interesting Jazz events in Sweden - International Jazz Festival in Umeå (Northern Sweden) with my own first Swedish band featuring wonderful  explosive saxophonist Fredrik Ljundkvist. It seemed to be quite a good beginning of my swedish carrier and very cool experience for a foreigner, just after one year in new country.


Since then I was lucky enough to play with some great Swedish musicians in different constellations: Fredrik Ljundkvist, Lars Göran Ulander, Jonas Knutsson (who is until now playing with me in one of my bands Gushpanka), Christian Spering, Nils Ölmedal, David Wilczewski and others. I also took part in some  nice festivals and played with my bands at different clubs and venues.


I improved my English, learned some Swedish (just a bit); learnt to be a promoter and booker; did some film music works; traveled to interesting places , amazing Norwegian fjords and Rome for example; recorded three albums with my groups (and planning few more); following my passion to Hebrew 

and surreality of my life, turned to a Hebrew language teacher for Swedes (as a hobby). 

Haven't met Santa yet, but actually got very very close to him while playing with my bands on Kaamos Jazz Festival in Finland, beyond the polar circle. 








Ira Mogilevsky - jazz pianist, band leader, composer


Was born in 1975 in Russia, studied classical music.


Moved to Israel in 1991. Graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music (jazz piano, film and theater music), B.Mus, 1998. Worked as a jazz pianist and film composer, led few own bands and projects.


Moved to Sweden in 2002. Studied at Royal Music Academy in Stockholm. Completed postgraduate program in jazz piano, electro acoustic music and film music.


In Sweden established  bands Gushpanka, Nybakat!, MogNed.

Performed and toured with them in Scandinavia and Israel.

Among the venues she performed at: Umeå International Jazz Festival, Kallott Jazz and Blues International Jazz Festival, Kaamos Jazz Festival in Finland, Falkenberg Jazz Festival, White Night Festival in Tel Aviv and many others.


Released three albums (including many of her own compositions and arrangements) with her bands. Two of them on her own label Mindoors Music.


Played in different constelations with:

Fredrik Ljundkvist, Lars Göran Ulander, Jonas Knutsson, Christian Spering, Nils Ölmedal, David Wilczewski.


Today she lives in Stockholm and works as a freelancer pianist; bandleader, promoter, composer, music teacher.